My YouTube channel should be hitting 5k subs this month. I figure now would be a good time to talk about my experiences in creating content to get views as I get this blog off the ground too. There's definitely a difference between just writing content and writing content that gets people to care. If you want a business that involves getting eyeballs to care then you have to focus on what attracts people in the first place. Here I'll talk about my top 10 ways to get people to care (get views).

  1. Check what words people are searching for

    On YouTube you can start typing any keyword and it will try to finish your search by adding suggestions. Those suggestions are some of the popular terms people are searching for. For instance, if you put Weebly into YouTube you will see follow ups like "4" (latest version of weebly) and "tutorial".
  2. Make Every Word Count - Don't Repeat

    If a word isn't critically relevant to your title, remove it. Filler words are often wasted space unless they help clarify what your content is about. Repeating the same word multiple times in a title is redundant and could be used to target a better keyword.
  3. Write content for current and future searchers

    We don't care about the people who were searching in the past. If you find a post or video that was super popular years ago, odds are other people have already paraphrased that content on their own posts or videos so the competition will be fierce. Instead it's better to look at what people are searching right now or even better what they will be in a month.
  4. Have an attractive post thumbnail

    Doing everything you can to make your content sound more interesting while not being pure lying clickbait is going to be good for you. Having a good title is nice but having a good title and a good complimenting image that clearly describes your content will do you well.
  5. Write about what you know

    It's a lot harder to become an expert on astrophysics just to write some half baked blog post than it is to write what you already know. Drawing from the knowledge pool you already have will often create better content and get it finished much quicker (less research needed).
  6. Put yourself in the reader's shoes

    Why should your reader even care about what you just posted? What are you offering them? Just like trying to sell a product, getting them to view your post in the first place requires thinking about these things. The better you know your audience the better you know what they will like and stay for.
  7. Don't let one piece of content become a timesink

    At the end of the day, a single video or article put out there online will rarely generate huge revenue by itself. Unless you are creating a top notch animation expecting to get millions of eyeballs, it's better to get content done than getting too trapped by pure dedication to quality. You want your work to be good but not to the point where you're doubling your time investment for 10% more quality.
  8. Try updating your title if views are bad

    Sometimes a title you had in mind while writing or recording videos seemed good to get views but then turns out to not perform. If this is the case, spending a few minutes to rewrite a title might make it hit better keywords in the search engines. It could turn good content with no views into good content with views.
  9. Look at what content worked best for you in the past

    One of the best ways to know what will work in the future is to know what is already working for you. Don't recreate exactly the same content but if you can expand on an original topic, it could be a good way to get more views.
  10. Know who you are selling to

    If your audience is 90% male, then they're probably not going to care much about makeup products. Tech channels like mine are going to be full of geeks or business people looking to get work done without the cost of hiring consultants. Don't try to cater to everyone either. Focusing on your audience will earn credibility and keep them around long term.

Seems pretty straightforward, right? In some ways it is but there's definitely an art to it. If you apply these tips and keep learning from what you are doing wrong, then hopefully you can increase get views to your site and channel in the future as well. With that said, good luck and let me know what you think in the comments down below.