Here we have two of the top photo editing applications out there today, GIMP and Photoshop CC 2017. First and most obvious difference is that one is free (donation supported) while the other is paid. While Photoshop is widely respected as the industry leader for professionals on Mac and Windows machines, GIMP is still a very powerful application.

Why GIMP and Photoshop are Both Excellent Choices

  • Strong feature library for photos and graphic editing
  • Support for plugins
  • Manage layers to prevent permanent destructive changes
  • Popular with community support
  • Filters and color tools for fast snappy changes

Now let's move onto some of the differences between the two apps in depth.

Why Use Photoshop Over GIMP

  • Photoshop is the industry standard
  • Powerful yet relatively user friendly UI
  • The most features of any mainstream app on the market
  • Massive community support for brushes and addons (Paid and Free)
  • More advanced tools than GIMP

Why Use GIMP over Photoshop

  • Supported on all major desktop operating systems including Linux.
  • It's Free! (They take donations for future development)

If you have money and you want to seem as professional as possible to employers or clients, then Photoshop is probably the one you want to go with. That said, GIMP is a powerful free alternative that you can use with only a slightly weaker feature set. The place where Photoshop probably stands out more is the popularity in terms of other designers, artists, and developers creating supporting files for the program. It is very easy to find plugins, brushes, and other tools designed by 3rd parties for Photoshop. It should be noted that GIMP can't save as PSD (Photoshop Document) format.

Here are a few links to get you started if you're going to try one of these out.

GIMP Download:

Learn GIMP in my Video Course:

Photoshop CC: