Video production has become a big thing in recent years not only in the television and movie industries but also among independent aspirants who want to show the world entertaining and education content. One application which is accessible to the typical internet startup is Open Broadcaster software. It's a lightweight video recording tool that can be used for a multitude of different purposes. Among the competition, it's a great choice because it is free, contains automated optimization settings, is cross-platform, and has a solid consistently working interface. Here are 3 great ways to use Open Broadcaster Software that you could do today.

Record YouTube Videos

By now, everyone has heard about some of the young people out there who started YouTube channels and worked at it, finding their own niche, until they were actually successful enough to call it their full time job. This inspired a 2nd wave and 3rd wave of people who saw their success and wanted a piece of the pie. When the platform of YouTube was new, it was fairly uncertain what it's potential was. Now, it's been proven that if you are good enough and provide entertaining video content that you can gain a following on the site that is actually meaningful. Using Open Broadcaster Software, you can record the footage for YouTube in several popular formats including VLogging and recording game footage. While recording, you can save to either .mp4 or .flv and later edit in a video editor before uploading your video to YouTube.

Stream Live on Sites like

The other big function of Open Broadcaster Software is to stream live footage of you and/or windows on your computer (usually games) to a site like Twitch. Being a streamer has become big business as many of the largest people in streaming get sponsored by companies. Streaming is not purely restricted to games either. On YouTube especially, you'll find many people hosting interviews or podcasts using stream features to talk about all kinds of important and entertaining topics.

Screencasting with Open Broadcaster Software

One way I commonly like to use Open Broadcaster Software is to screencast which OBS does well. By adding windows or monitors to your scene, you can show the end viewer exactly what is going on with your computer while you talk and deliver your message. This is a very useful format when trying to do tutorial videos or courses like mine on Open Broadcaster Software. By choosing a window over a monitor, you can even decide only to show a single window so that only relevant content actually appears in the video stream.