Made a complete guide for using OBS on Linux (I'm on #Manjaro). This includes everything from installation, to settings, and to scene setup. Hope it helps people get going with their own videos.

Install Guides for all Linux

Official Site

Manjaro Linux
sudo pacman -S obs-studio

Auto-Configuration Wizard to get stream bitrate
Upload Bitrate * 70% or 80%.
Convert Mbps to Kbps by multiplaying by 1000

0.19 Mbps Upload * 75% = 0.1425 Mbps
* 1000 = 142.4 Kbps Stream Bitrate (Put 142.4 in - FYI This is way too low for streaming)

=== Settings Menu ===

Settings -> Video -> Output Scaled Resolution... Set Equal to Base (1920 x 1080 = 1920 x 1080)

Common FPS Values -> 30 unless you need it for gaming

Hotkeys - Start / Stop Recording CTRL + ALT + R for both

Output Tab
Output Mode -> Advanced
Make Bitrate equal to the one we figured out earlier

Recording -
Audio Track 1 & 2
Recording Fromat MP4
Recording Path -> Where you want
/home/*USERNAME*/Videos/Recordings (Hit browse and create the folder first)

Stream - Twitch Key can be got off*USERNAME*/dashboard

Scene Setup
- Plugin all devices needed for recording - Microphones, webcams, whatever you want.

Right Click Sources -> Add Window Capture or Screen Capture

Screen = Entire Monitor
Window = One Box and everything in the boundaries

* For Webcam * - Right Click - Add - Video Capture Device

* For Overlay * - Right Click - Add - Image (.png format for transparency)

* For Microphone * Mic / Aux under Mixer, Click settings icon -> Properties, choose device

Filters ->
-- Example Basic Setup (Test before Recording) --
Noise Suppression, move bar to far left -60 dbs.
Compressor - Use defaultss

Test by Advanced Audio Properties and turning on audio monitoring.

Seperate Desktop audio and mic audio into seperate audio tracks by unchecking all by one check box for each (ex. Mic - check 1, Desktop audio - check 2)

To record to file - hit starting recording (or hotkeys)

To stream to twitch - hit start streaming

To starting streaming AND recording to file - hit both start streaming and start recording

That's all folks ;)