Complete Guide to 2D Games in Unity 2018

Code and build your way to a finished 2D cross-platform game with a wide variety of core game development topics

Learn the ins and outs of building 2D games in Unity 2018 from the ground up. We will cover working in the engine, GameObjects & Components in detail, many coding topics, and building art assets from a technical perspective. Several external tools will be covered as well to help you in creating your game (Pyxel Edit, BFXR, etc)
Here are some of the many important topics we are going to cover together in this course.

  • Rigidbodies and 2D kinematic game physics
  • Adding, using, and manipulating components on game objects
  • Learning the workflows of unity and how to do things efficiently.
  • Saving and loading data - We'll do it with a few different formats including XML and binary
  • UI Menus - How to create and navigate between menu using the UI components available inside of unity
  • Creating on demand AudioSources to play sounds and music. Keep audio going even when changing scenes.
  • C# scripting within the Unity Engine
  • How to Use Tile-mapping to Create 2D Game Maps with Easy collisions in the latest versions of unity
  • Creating singleton manager scripts to manage functions that should exist everywhere in the game without manually adding a game object to every scene
  • Make a giant fireball projectile using some free assets
  • Odin Inspector - a Premium addon that makes it easy to design inspectors for your scripts so designers can make changes to your game and also opens up serialization for important C# objects like Dictionaries.
  • We may also touch on RigidBody Dynamic game physics for those who want a more modern take on 2D games like platformers and puzzle games (think Angry Birds)
  • Will be keeping the course updating for future versions of unity to come
  • Knowledge comes from lessons learned directly from building my own games.
  • Managing character inventories including items and money
  • Having a stateful game that remembers where everything was when the player leaves the scene and comes back. If a bad guy has been defeated, you don't want him to suddenly reappear the next time the scene loads, right?
  • Using scriptable objects to store important game data in a game project file and using those scriptable objects inside your MonoBehaviour scripts.
  • How to properly check for collissions for both Kinematic movements and events (like pressing the space bar / enter key)
  • How to make custom events that let you set delegates inside the Unity inspector (UnityEvents & Unity Actions)
  • Managing your prefabs and using Nested Prefabs (new and very useful feature)
  • Creating enemy spawn scripts to overwhelm your player with hordes of baddies, set a trap event, or start a boss fight.
  • Much more to come - I'll keep this list updated :)

## Work in Progress - Multiple Videos being Uploaded Every Week ##

When it's finished, the course is intended to be a one stop shop for most beginner - intermediate concepts in crafting 2D games from scratch inside of Unity 2018 and beyond.

Your Instructor

Chris Navarre
Chris Navarre

My philosophy in information technology and learning in general is that video learning is the best way to learn for yourself. I can provide the videos but it's up to you as my student to absorb and practice the information to become a more educated and skilled person.

If you want to get a taste of my approach to education and tutorial series, you can find me on my YouTube tutorial channel Chris' Tutorials.

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